Are you tired of seeing your inventory gathering up dust and not turning to cash or are you interested in selling out your inventory fast by setting up a conversion focused automated e-store either as a side hustle or as a main business, this article is for you.


    This course is for only 4 set of people

Anyone who has inventory currently gathering dust in the shop or warehouse right now.


Anyone who is without a job or worried the company they currently work for might lay staff off soon..


Anyone looking to expand their business's income and reduce their stress.


Anyone who is retired but not tired and wants income beyond their pension.


If you own any of the below type of business then you need this course

  • Case Study 1 - Imported fashion company e.g ladies, men, kids
  • Case Study 2 - Ready to wear Ankara fashion company
  • Case Study 3 - Bakery company
  • Case Study 4 - Restaurant or Bulk soup company
  • Case Study 5 - Brazilian Hair company
  • Case Study 6 - Phone and laptops-trading company
  • Case Study 7 - Skin care company
  • Case Study 8 - Farmers market or Foodstuff company
  • Case Study 9 - Perfume company
  • Case Study 10 - Pharmaceutical company
  • Case Study 11 - Online course company
  • Case Study 12 - Drop-shippers and Mini Importers


Here's what this Course will teach you


  • Practical session - How to build a conversion focused eCommerce store using the same technology used by Kyle Jenner Cosmetics, Ruff & Tumble and Fashionnova.
  • Practical session - How to use a powerful software that will write HTML for you (step by step)
  • Practical session - Becoming a highly-visible eCommerce business when people search for the products you are selling online - How to make your business stand out.
  • Practical session - How to integrate PayPal, Paystack, Bank deposit, bitcoin, cash on delivery to your conversion focused eCommerce store
  • Practical session  - You will learn how to install a powerful tool on your website and how to collect and interpret the data
  • Practical session  - How to create conversion focused ads, powerful ad strategies and much more will be shown to you




You Are Going To Learn Step By Step Guides On How To:


You are going to learn how to build an eCommerce store using the same technology used by Kyle Jenner (The youngest self made billionaire) for her cosmetics business (the website accounts for 90% of her wealth)


You do not have to know how to code HTML or style with CSS. I will share and show you how to use a powerful software that will write HTML for you. So you can style your eCommerce website which is the technology that will push out your inventory for you.This is a powerful tool that gives you the power of a developer without necessarily knowing how to code yourself.


For you to sell out inventory you have to be able to receive payments for goods even while you sleep. The method of chat with a customer before receive payment is tedious and will not work if you want to sell to 1000 customers a day for instance. You will learn how to integrate PayPal, Paystack, Bank deposit, bitcoin, cash on delivery to your conversion eCommerce store.

Below is some of my earnings in this Covid19 lockdown and I have not left my house at all  (hid my customers details 🙈)


One of the advantage of owning your eCommerce store vs IG page is the in-depth analytics you can see. Why? Because e-commerce thrives on data. For example if you are own bakery eCommerce store and several prospects come to your eStore searching for sardine bread and then you know that you should bake more sardine breads or add sardine bread to your list of products. If you only have a physical store you will not know what people are looking for and the new additions your business needs to focus on. You will learn how to install a powerful tool on your website and how to collect and interpret the data e.g where are most of your customers coming from etc


Currently several people know how to run ads on IG and Facebook but when you visit a site like Konga or Jumia and you go to another website you suddenly start seeing Konga ads, when you add an item to your cart but forget to pay - in 30 mins you receive an email from Konga urging you to complete your order or you start seeing Konga ads advertising that product to you. How to carry out such strategies and much more will be shown to you.

Why This Training Is Truly A Financial Breakthrough For You In This Year 2020

The case study is Sofresh.

Sofresh raised $360,000 in Oct, 2018 

If potential investors from overseas are searching for a food company to invest in Nigeria.

Sofresh is visible to them. (No IG page showed in the Google search result) so if you sell salad only on IG, your page did not come up.

However Lekki has several salad bars but it is ONLY the most visible salad bar that got investment.

As a company when you bid for investment, the first place investors go to is Google search not IG.

If you are currently unemployed or worried about losing your job, this other salad bars in Lekki need and want a competent eCommerce expert to build a conversion focused website for them.

This example is not only in the food industry but in several industries too.

eCommerce Stores are not cheap in Abroad

Neither are they cheap In Nigeria


A site that is technically programmed for conversion uses sound technology that is why I use the same eCommerce technology as Kyle Jenner, Fashion nova etc use in building their site so as to get the best result.

It is not website beauty alone but conversion is the major key here.


  • Anyone who has inventory currently gathering dust in their shop or warehouse.

For these people they will learn about the knowledge and skill to sell out their inventory in record time. They can then teach this skill to their staff and have them use the same skill to sellout stock and stay several steps above their competition. In the USA a lot of physical stores have closed and that period will come in Nigeria were physical stores will start closing. As a business owner it is wise to start learning the skills that will not only help you sell out your current inventory but will also help you in future when the shift from physical store to online store becomes inevitable

  • Anyone who is without a job or worried the company they currently work for might lay staff off soon.

Right now companies are laying some people off and hiring some people. Guess who they are hiring - anyone who can help them get their business online. You can also load your ecomm with other people's inventory using other people’s inventory and scale very quickly while still holding down a 9 to 5 or not or even build eCommerce businesses for others.Yes! For instance all Restaurants physically closed however the ones with conversion focused eCommerce stores are cashing out right now while others have their perishables expiring. These restaurants are desperately looking for someone competent to build for them a conversion focused eCommerce site. 

  • Anyone looking to expand their business's income and reduce their stress.

This set of people are probably selling on IG and doing well there but now they are ready to go mega and will gain the skillset to allow them do this. You will soon be selling to Ghana, Kenya, Sierra leone etc in their own currency and I am happy show you how.


  • Anyone who is retired but not tired and wants income beyond their pension.

This set of people have been retired but their brain is not tired. They are ready to package their valuable knowledge and experience and sell as an online course without the physical task of running to the courier office with physical products.


How Long Will This Training Last

I see a lot of adverts online telling people to learn eCommerce business in one week. Some even go as far as one day but I do not consider them good enough..

People who have gone through such quick training end up not knowing anything or probably learn some things but still finds it difficult to work independently.

What I want to do in this online training is pour my entire knowledge in this field and also share my experiences.

As much as I also want to make it fast so that you can start practicing on your own,

I believe that the following schedule would be perfect to learn all you need to know and start selling out your inventory.


Duration: 6 Days

Time: 7pm to 10pm Daily.

Date: 17th - 22nd April, 2020.

Channel:  Meeting Details Would Be Sent To You After A Successful Booking



The Course is a beginner - advanced level course. You need no tech background. However, you need some above-secondary-education level, ability to use a computer and a hunger to sell to 1000 people or more a day, with the skills learnt.

What Do You Need To Join This Online Live Training?

  All you need are the following:

  • Good Internet
  • A Computer (Laptop or Desktop) to practice what is being thought
  • A smart phone with good internet connection to participate in the online training when you don’t have access to your PC due to power outage or any other reasons.
  • That's All

 When the idea of a group class came to mind. The one thing I did not want to do, is just record a tutorial video and package it into CDs or online course. NO!

Haba! where is the fun in that?

I wanted an experience identical to a one on one in person tutorial — so you can ask questions, talk to me (your instructor) before and after class, complete the exercises, take part in the class discussion and join the powerful community after the class so you can network with others who took the course too.

Any Mentorship Program After The Training?

Let me hold your hand. Gain from my years of experience.

You will be provided access to the live video recording of each day's session to watch.

You to be given access to join my Powerful community for FREE and network with other students.

Furthermore, participating in my online training automatically qualifies you to be a member of my After-Training mentorship program for FREE.

Yes, I mean it.

I will be open to giving answers to every question related to the training you’ve gotten from me even after the training period.

How Much Will It Cost You To Be Part Of This Live Training?

You are probably thinking this is an opportunity to be start a new business or  scale your current business. Considering the sleepless nights, energy, finances etc I have invested to over 10 years to acquire all of these knowledge I will be sharing with you, I think it will be justifiable if I ask you to pay 300,000.

But I won't request that.

Not even 150,000.

If you are serious and willing to be part of this program, then you won't mind paying a token of 50,000 only.

But if you are making your payment now, I am giving you 20,000 off, so you pay just  ₦29,711 only.

Please note that this price is subject to change anytime soon. You might come tomorrow and price has increased to 50,000.
Only FEW Slots Are Available
In order to give adequate attention to every participant during the online session, I will be limiting the number of available slots to FEW only.


Dear Friend,

My name is Yeside Asekun, people often call me Yesikoko.

I started my first eCommerce store in 2008 called Yeside Fashion Store. I have since worked or consulted with several eCommerce stores in Lagos, Cape town and London including Konga, Payporte, Asos, Global visas and several others. I have also created several eCommerce stores since then for my other profitable businesses.


On the left is a Youtube video screenshot of my first eCommerce store "YFS" and as seen on the left it was uploaded on the 4th of June 2009 - It did so well for many years but in 2012 I had to close it down

Why did I close it down? I had bought an inventory of boyfriend cardigans that were selling so well so after a few months of it “raining” trending, I “kuku” packed the bulk of my capital and bought about half a container full of boyfriend cardigan but on getting it to Lagos even though it was still selling well I was unable to scale it i.e get a larger number of people to buy it. The audience I had were my Facebook page followers and the few customers I got from running ads and I ran out of money to continue because my money was tied in inventory that people wanted but I couldn’t reach the people who wanted it

What did I learn? I cried 😭 cleaned my eyes and looked for the lesson and it was glaring that I did not have sufficient knowledge for running a conversion focussed eCommerce business. My first love “YFS” perished because I the custodian lacked knowledge…..simple!!!  Hosea 4:6 says: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge. I needed to close that knowledge gap before I started another eCommerce business. I needed to gain knowledge.

What changed ? I was already working as an SEO analyst in an eCommerce firm by this time in London so I started paying close attention to the conversion optimisation guys. I made close friends with them and started asking them questions and that was when the strategies I am going to reveal to you was taught to me. Same strategy I used in adding value to the many eCommerce businesses I have either worked or consulted for. It is this strategy and much more I will be sharing with you soon.


In those days it was hard but in this day and age it is so much easier because we have sophisticated tools and strategy for selling out inventory and there is really no reason for any fashion retailer, pharmacy, restaurant or online academy to suffer from "Slow-Moving Stock"  and yet merchants still have problems with “selling out” their inventory because of lack of knowledge. ... Simple!!! 🤷

What I will be sharing with you soon is what I have learnt in over 13 years of selling online. I enjoy teaching and if you enjoy learning then we are going to have a blast for sure 😁


On the left you will see a screenshot of my Linkedin page where I share some of my past work experience. These days I run a digital marketing & eCommerce consulting firm, my eCommerce businesses and now my new love " teaching" - after teaching several one on one students for N300,000 each and 90% of them are already using the knowledge they learnt to sell out their inventory like “kilode” 😮  it is time to scale to 100 students at a go for a much more smaller fee.


There are only few days left to the commencement of the training. Thousands of internet users are reading this page right now just like you.

It will be better for you to book your own slot now before others out-smart you.

Hey! there is no reason to panic.

If after following the step by step guides through out the online training and you still feel like you do not get the expected result as value for the money you paid,

I will refund your full payment immediately and apologize to you for wasting your time.

All you just need to do is to send me an email with your bank account details.

So you have nothing to loose.



The pdf format of certificate of completion would be issued and sent to your email box on the last day of the training. This would be useful for you when applying for jobs and when applying for advanced courses to step-up your IT career.